Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One day holiday, but no Dragon Age

I made the error of letting Impulse patch Dragon Age and the game doesn't work any more. I'm certainly not going to re-download the thing, I'm hoping that System Restore might solve things. . . If not, then it's the weekend before I play it again.

Instead I spent the day playing around with Google's new 'Go' programming language. I really like it!  It's got many great modern features and certain elements of the syntax remind me of Pascal. Most important, to me, are the features that allow one to make the most of multi-core systems. Python, which I've been playing with most in recent times, is actually best on single-core systems, unfortunately. I just might find myself migrating toward Go. . .

The make-or-break point of it, though, will be its ability to interface with existing C libraries. Right now that's a bit iffy. I'm trying to write an interface to a library I've been using lately and it inexplicably refuses to work with some functions. Fortunately, the compiler is open-sourced and not particularly huge, so perhaps I can figure out what's happening. . . That might have to wait for the weekend, too.

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