Saturday, June 13, 2009


Just finished watching Cyborg, a Jean-Claude Van Damme film from 1989. When I was young I remember Super Channel (a pay movie channel, back then) occasionally had promotions whereby they provided free viewing for a week. Those were the only times I ever saw anything from that channel. Once in a while, my sister would set her alarm clock to an early morning hour and wake me up so we could watch a late movie that looked interesting. That's how I first saw this film.

I really enjoyed it back then, having never before seen anything like the post-apocalyptic vision presented. It had good action, with a particularily menacing villain, and an element of drama that made it yet more memorable. Watching it again, I recognise the old, cheap effects (by modern standards), and the generally bad acting (not just from Van Damme). I can still enjoy it, though, and perhaps not all of that is simply due to nostalgia.

On another note, the movie reminds me alot of Fallout. :) The world presented is more lush outside of urban areas, but the ruined cities and the scavenged look of the costuming is definitely Fallout-like.

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