Sunday, June 14, 2009

King David's Spaceship

I just finished reading King David's Spaceship, by Jerry Pournelle.  It's part of his Future History series, though very far removed from the Codominion era books.  Those books ended with a prequel to a galactic empire, though the empire itself is never touched upon except as a history to later books.  This one takes place after that empire's fall and the during the rise of a new one.

Anyway, for a title that indicates a plot about building a spaceship, the story itself has little to do with that.  It is the ultimate goal, but the bulk of the plot takes place in a medieval environment.  That's not to say that I am disappointed, though.  Pournelle writes plenty of military science fiction and he's good at it, even when the 'military' part is with early medieval technology.  No, instead of disappointed I was merely surprised at where the focus ended up.

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